SK Labs was built to push the envelope of the acoustical sciences.

Here is a list of some of the areas in which we are currently working to build better solutions:


  • Transducer platform (compact and efficient)
  • Ultra compact Low frequency transducer (compact piezo )
  • Headphone Transducer (compact piezo electret)
  • Tweeter (compact piezo electret)

Enclosure and Radiation Control

  • Acoustic loading (resistive)
  • Acoustic directivity control (using resistive slots)
  • Ultra compact active loudspeaker system cardioid loading full range

Loudspeaker Control Electronics

  • DSP control filters
  • Servo control distortion and damping

Architectural Acoustics

Adaptive Acoustic Control system appl  for absorption and diffusion (return energy and polar response)

  • Psychoacoustic designed treatments -(Intelligibility, Imaging and spatial depth)
  • Acoustic finishes – wood and metal slats, slots and perforated materials.  Sun shades with acoustic layers
  • Acoustic metamaterials that save space and cost (cost effective)

Noise and Vibration Control

Transducer Platform- A mixture of passive viscoelastic and passive viscoelastic/electronic hybrid damping systems

  • Loudspeaker and projector tuned mass damper mount system
  • Tuned piezo dampers – bolt on for small motors and mounts
  • Tuned dampers using transducers (fan motor, piezo shunts, small dynamic driver shunts)
  • Combined tuned mass damper and acoustic resonance absorber (applied between windows)
  • Architectural tuned mass dampers (walls, floors and ceilings)
  • Machine or Electronic equipment damping systems

Control Electronics

  • Passive filter networks
  • Energy Harvesting system

Impact Resistance, Control and Hostile Environment

  • Phone and Tablet Screen Protection
  • Phone and Tablet Case Design with number theory impact distribution
  • Hostile environment electronic connectors – physical and electronic interference